Shownet was founded by Albert Morales, who ventured into the entertainment industry in the mid ‘8os as a runner and then as right hand to a veteran promoter. After earning a degree in Music Business, Albert branched out on his own with Shownet. He’s the architect of the intercollegiate sports competition post-show (Las Justas), with over 50,000 annual attendees. Furthermore, he’s produced concerts that are remembered as near-mythical events, with acts such as Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Slayer, The Black Eyed Peas, Bernie Williams & Friends, BB King, Ruben Blades, Earth Wind & Fire, Incubus, Alanis Morissette, Kool & The Gang, Testament, Sabaton, Saga,  Epica among others. Despite his rich past, Albert refuses to rest on his laurels and has his sights set toward the future, striving to make that next big show a reality. Having garnered a reputation for being a highly organized company with a strong work ethic, Shownet runs with only a handful of individuals, a fact that continues to astound peer organizations, some of which have teams of dozens. A true love of music propels Shownet forward, applying a personal touch to every act it produces, procuring that every artist and manager arrives at the show without the slightest worry concerning production logistics. Times have changed and Shownet has changed with them, employing innovative and forward-thinking approaches, such as live-streaming an event that reached over a quarter of a million people around the world. Despite the industry’s occasional uncertainty, Shownet looks to the challenges of the future with a quality of imagination few organizations can match. Committed to providing more value to the customer, they want to go bigger each time – with venues and artists alike – without increasing ticket prices. Even in a business with no guarantees, you can bet on The Shownet Group to bring you quality entertainment, above all things. In the end it all comes down to the concertgoer’s experience, and Shownet has brought forth a level of production that’s never been seen before. They’re all about tomorrow, and tomorrow promises bigger and better things. See you at the next show.

Shownet was founded by Albert Morales, who ventured into the entertainment industry in the mid ‘80s